Fees & Services

For all of us our cats are important members of the family.  We are enthusiastic and dedicated to the care of your cat(s) giving them the attention they would receive at home.

Cattery Fees

Minimum stay 3 days.
Please bring sufficient food for your cat’s stay.


Cats per Chalet



Charges per day

(IVA Included)

One Cat 15,00
Two Cats 24,00
Three Cats 29,25
Four Cats 37,00
Stays over 28 days 20% Discount

*Additional Fees will apply for specialised care.


Fees are calculated per day
(includes day of arrival/departure).


Payment schedule:
Payment is due in full on the day of collection.


Method of Payment:

By cash
Bank transfer
Credit Card

Please give a minimum of 7 days notice for cancellations.

Service Terms

Prior to checking in our guests must have:


  • Current ‘Pet Passport’ or Vet Book.
  • Up to date inoculations including Rabies.
  • Flea and worming treatments.


You will be required to complete a simple admission form.

50€ non-refundable deposit for all Christmas bookings.


We take the health of all our guests seriously and will examine your cat(s) on arrival.  We may have to refuse admission if the health of cat is in question (for example infectious).


Opening times:

We are busy working behind the scenes looking after our guests. To assist with this, we request that you please book an appointment to visit.


Collection and Delivery:

Please contact us.


Privacy and protection of data:

Information regarding Kingdom of Cats clients is held securely and will only be used in relation with the running of this service.  Photographs of our cats may be displayed as part of our service information.  If you do not wish to participate in this, please inform us when booking in.


Compliments, Comments and Complaints:

We are always working to improve our standards.  We welcome comments and feedback on the service received.

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