We are a small 'family' of animal lovers

We are a small 'family' of animal lovers

My name is Isolina.  Over the years I have come to know and love these cute bundles of fur who charmingly awake you just before dawn to get breakfast… 

I have a natural affinity with our feline friends, accumulated a wealth of knowledge, together with many practical skills necessary to understand cat behaviour, needs and fears. 

Kingdom of Cats is ALL about CATS!!

We are a licensed boarding cattery providing holiday and/or temporary emergency accommodation for Cats.   

Cat owners quickly become aware our feline pets are superior, intelligent and independent characters.  Their territory is extremely important to them and they do not like to share. 

Here at Kingdom of Cats only cats from the same household may share accommodation.

Our individual Chalets are over 5 mdivided into 3 different areas:

  • Inside house
  • Inside exercise run
  • External play area

Cats are creatures of habit and do not cope well with change, which is why we provide an environment that is secure, interesting and stimulating.   Each Chalet has a variety of levels to explore, play toys and comfortable resting places.  To help your cat settle in, pheromone products are available.


Individual menus can be set up catering for your cats likes and dislikes.

Kingdom of Cats is ALL about CATS!!

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